S.No Feature Supported
1 My Workspace Yes, migrated as Group Workspace
2 Shared Workspace Yes
3 Datasets linked to reports Yes
4 Datasets not linked to reports No
5 Shared Dataset No
6 Reports linked to datasets Yes
7 Reports with blank data (not linked to datasets) Yes
8 Dashboard Yes
9 Dashboard Tiles Yes
10 On-premises data No
11 Dataflows No
12 Apps No
13 Paginated Report No
14 Scorecard(Goals) No
15 Streaming Dataset No
Workspace Settings
16 Workspace Name Yes
17 Description Yes
18 Contact List Yes
19 Security Settings Yes
20 Workspace OneDrive No
Report Settings
21 Report Name Yes
22 Description Yes
23 Contact Yes
24 Snapshot No
25 Endorsement No
26 Feature on Home No
Persistent Filters
27 Don't allow end users to save filters on this report Yes
Pages Pane
28 Display report pages as tabs along the bottom of the report Yes
Visual Options
29 Hide the visual header in reading view Yes
30 Use the modern visual header with updated styling options Yes
31 Change default visual interaction from cross highlighting to cross filtering Yes
Dataset Settings
32 Description Yes
33 Data Source Credentials Yes
34 Gateway Connection Partially, Reports linked to Gateway are migrated. Gateway has to be manually configured.
Scheduled Refresh
35 Keep your data up to date Yes
36 Refresh Frequency Yes
37 Time zone Yes
38 Time Yes
39 Send refresh failure notifications to Yes
40 Endorsement and Discovery Yes
41 Request Access Yes
42 External Sharing Yes
43 Q&A Yes
44 Featured Q&A Questions No
45 Dataset Image No
46 Large Dataset Storage format No
47 Make Discoverable No
Dashboard Settings
48 Owner Yes
49 Dashboard Name Yes
50 Contact Yes
51 Featured Yes
52 Comments Yes
53 Dashboard Tile Flow Yes
54 Dashboard Comments Yes
55 Media Tile Yes
56 Snapshot No
57 Dashboard Theme No
58 Real Time Data Tile No
59 Tile from Ask a question No
Tile Settings
60 Display Title and Subtitle Yes
61 Title Yes
62 Subtitle Yes
63 Content URL Yes
64 Set Custom Link Yes
65 Link Type Yes
Workspace Permissions
66   Direct Access Yes
Report Permissions
67   Direct Access Yes
68   Links No
Dataset Permissions
69   Direct Access Yes
70   Links No
Dashboard Permissions
71   Direct Access Yes
72   Links No
73 Row-level security No
Supported Resource Types
74 Microsoft Exchange Online Yes
75 Microsoft Exchange Yes
76 Web Yes
77 SharePoint Online List Yes
78 SharePoint List Yes
79 Power BI Dataflows (Legacy) Yes
80 Power BI Dataflows Yes
81 Dataverse Yes
82 Dynamics 365 (Dataverse) Yes
83 ODataFeed Yes
84 Dynamics 365 Online (Legacy) Yes
85 Common Data Service (Legacy) Yes
86 Microsoft Teams Personal Analytics (Beta) Yes
87 Dynamics 365 Business Central Yes
88 Blank Query Yes
89 Azure Blob Storage Yes
90 Azure Table Storage Yes
91 Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) Yes
92 Azure Cosmos DB Yes
93 Azure Databricks Yes
94 Azure SQL Database Yes
95 Azure Synapse Analytics SQL Yes
96 Azure Analysis Services database Yes
97 Azure database for PostgreSQL Yes
98 Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Yes

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